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Patient Appreciation:

Warmer weather is just around the corner, get ready for our summer contest...
Team Clinebell t-shirt contest 2 2018 - Copy

Come by the office to enter our newest contest.
What is your Jedi Force?
Dr Clinebell Orthodontics Office Contest Star Wars Force

We Caught You Contest Winners!
Dr John Clinebell Decatur Orthodontics children and adults 2018 caught you winners

Winners coming soon!
Clinebell orthodontics childrean and adult decatur GA  popcorn Movie

See or Facebook page for the winners of Lumberjack Contest

lumberjack  773e1ca86f98c0947d5abf23976b5903

Can you guess who is who?

Come by the office to enter the drawing by guessing which Clinebell Team member

is hiding under the Lumberjack beard.
We can't wait to see your guess, Good Luck!